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About Us

Ron Schoen:

Ron is the President of Employee Benefit Resources. As a licensed life insurance and health insurance agent, he assists clients in designing a wide variety of employee benefit plans including health insurance, disability insurance, individual and group long-term care insurance,and life insurance. Ron helps clients keep up with such regularatory requirements as COBRA, Summary Plan Descriptions and reporting.

Ron oversees a staff of customer service representatives who manage claims and assist clients with administering their benefit plans.

Once a benefit plan is in place, Ron reviews the plan every year and recommends any changes needed to ensure that every client receives the highest value for its investment in employee benefits.

Kathryn M Laethem, CPA/ABV:

Kathryn is a licensed life insurance and health insurance agent. She assists clients in designing employee benefit plans with special emphasis on tax benefits for employers and their employees. Kathryn also works with clients and their attorneys in designing buy-sell arrangements and other succession plans.